Time Tracking and Leave Management System

게시자: Waqar Ahmad, 2017. 1. 22. 오후 8:41   [ 2017. 1. 22. 오후 8:58에 업데이트됨 ]
Now G Suite users can use Apps Script based web application developed by SBC Technology to Manage Daily Timehsheet and Employee Leaves.


  • No need for third party Database. Google sheets are used as Database
    sbctechnology-time sheet manager

  • Time sheet Management
    Employees can log their timesheet in the system against the project they are working.
  • Leave Management
    Employees will apply leave in the system which will be later approved by the assigned manager.
    Apply leave - Timesheet Manager SBC Technology

  • A Monthly report is generated automatically by the system for Work Time Tracking and Leaves applied by the employees

  • Various system properties can be configured in Configuration Spreadsheet.
    General Properties
    These are general properties used by the system to tell where is the database folder, what the report templates. What is yearly leave quota etc.

    Leave types
    These are the available leave categories for an employee. Employee will choose on of these when applying leave in the system.

    These are the projects which are going on in the company. Users will be assigned one or more projectors. Employees will be able to log timesheet against assigned project only.

    Holiday List
    These the list of Holidays which will appear in the Time sheet screen. User's can not enter time sheet on an holiday


This app is built for promotion and demo purposes. Application will be customized by the SBC Technology as per the requirement of specific organization. So if you need something similar, please don't hesitate to contact sbc.support@sbctech.net. We will be happy to assist you.