Spreadsheet based tool for G Suite User and Group Provisioning

게시자: Waqar Ahmad, 2017. 7. 17. 오후 9:48   [ 2017. 7. 18. 오전 12:01에 업데이트됨 ]
G Suite Admin Console is great for provisioning users and Groups one by one. But if you need to do bulk operations, it takes lot of time. So our team developed a tool for the same to do bulk operations in just few clicks.

This tool has following functionalities

User Provisioning Tasks

  • Create users
  • Delete Users
  • Suspend Users
  • Re-Activate Suspended Users
  • Update User details

Group Provisioning Tasks

  • Create Groups
  • Update Group Details
  • Add Members/Managers/Owners to Group
  • Remove Members/Managers/Owners from Group
Here is a video which will tell you how this tool works.
User Provisioning Demo

User Provisioning Demo

Groups Provisioning Demo

In coming days, we will add more features in this tool. If you need any assistance or want to inquire more, drop us a message at sbc.support@sbctech.net