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더많은 어플리케이션 구글앱스에 추가

게시자: Frank Jung, 2010. 11. 18. 오후 10:04   [ 2010. 11. 18. 오후 10:17에 업데이트됨 ]
기존 개인용 계정에서만 사용되던 어플리케이션이 기업용 Google Apps에 추가된다는 내용입니다.
앞으로 더 많은 유용한 프로그램을( Google Voice, Reader, Blogger and AdWords 등등을) Google Apps에서 사용하실 수 있습니다.

구글앱스 고객을위한 10배이상의 프로그램

  • AdSense

    Earn revenue from your website

  • AdWords

    Advertise your business on Google

  • Alerts

    Get email updates on the topics of your choice

  • Analytics

    Analyse website traffic

  • Blogger

    Publish your organisation's blog on the web

  • Checkout

    Complete online purchases more quickly and securely

  • Custom Search

    Create a customised search experience on your website

  • DoubleClick for Advertisers

    Manage, traffic, serve and review your online advertising

  • DoubleClick for Publishers

    Manage your ad inventory

  • Earth

    Explore the world from your computer

  • FeedBurner

    Analyse subscriptions to RSS feeds that you publish

  • Finance

    Business info, news and interactive charts

  • iGoogle

    Add news, games and more to your Google homepage

  • Knol

    Share what you know

  • Maps

    View maps and directions

  • Merchant Centre

    Submit your products to Google

  • Moderator

    Gather and prioritise questions or opinions from a group of people

  • News

    Search thousands of news stories

  • Orkut

    Meet new people and stay in touch with friends

  • Picasa Web Albums

    Find, edit and share your photos

  • Places

    Claim or add your business on Google

  • Reader

    Get all your blogs and news feeds quickly

  • SketchUp

    Build 3D models quickly and easily

  • Translator Toolkit

    Get tools for translators to translate your pages and documents faster

  • Voice (U.S. only)

    Manage calls and voicemail more easily

  • Wave

    Collaborate and discuss content together in one place

  • Webmaster Tools

    Improve your site's visibility

  • Website Optimizer

    Build effective websites

  • YouTube

    Watch, upload and share videos